Remove an item from the index of FAST Search

One question that often comes up when working with FAST Search for SharePoint How can I remove an item from the index immediately? Why would you want to do this? The item could be confidential and you cannot wait until the next crawl. Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Search provides an easy way to do this. By following the method described below, you can do this in Microsoft FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint, as well.
In order to remove an item from the index, the first thing you need to do is determine its identifier. Follow the steps below for the full procedure on how to remove an item from the index:
1 - Execute a query that will return the result you want in the Search Center and locate its URL, as shown below.

2 - Next, go to the Crawl Logs in the FAST Content SSA and search for the crawl log of the URL identified in the previous step. The information you are looking for is its Item ID.

3 - Now that you have the Item ID, all you need to do is execute the proper command to remove the item from the index. The command you will use is docpush, with specific parameters for content removal:
docpush -c sp -U -d ssic://<Item ID>
For my example above, this is the full command executed, along with its callback stating that the delete operation was successful:

At this point your item should be removed from the index. Return to the Search Center and execute another query to confirm that your item no longer appears in the search results, as shown below:


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