Carefull with Inherit Permissions

From time to time we get calls from frustrated users that have lost their permissions on a site. For some reason they have been 'tempted' to click the Inherit Permissions button and ignored the warnings. Now granted, inheriting something can be nice, but it often means that someone died. And that's a good picture in this case.
So let me explain what Inherit Permissions really means and what it does:
Inherit Permission means that you turnover all permission responsibility to the top level site owners. This typically means people that have no idea what the site is about and no relation to it at all, mostly it ends at a little group of Farm Administrators that are busy doing other things.
When you click Inherit Permissions the system will PERMANTLY DELETE ALL custom security settings on the site.
Security groups are emptied and deleted, site owners are removed and replaced with others and typically you are thrown out of the site because you no longer have access. And it's not reversibly. There's no Undo button. And if you go through the Oops! phase and get someone to let you in again, you will be left with a mess to clean up. And you have to do it.

So please consider very carefully next time your mouse hovers over Inherit Permissions. 


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