How to set up Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA) for Office 365 users

In this article, we will see that What is Multi-Factor Authentication, how it can be enabled and What are the various authentication and verification methods and their set up available in Multi-Factor Authentication for Office 365 users.
What is MFA: -
We all know that we cannot compromise on our personal information which can be breached by anyone.
Multi-Factor Authentication helps safeguard access to data and applications while meeting user demand for a simple sign-in process. It provides additional security by requiring a second form of authentication and delivers strong authentication via a range of easy verification options.
Implementation: -
Before individual Office 365 users can use multi-factor Authentication, the Office 365 administrator has to enable it in Admin portal.
Steps for Office 365 Admin to enable MFA: -
1. Log in to Office 365 admin portal using admin credentials.
2. In the menu on left hand side, expand Users and Active Users.
3. This will show you the list of users OR you can search for any particular users. (For my testing, I used only one Office 365 user, however we can perform this step for bulk users also).
4. In the user’s pane, click on Manage multi-factor authentication under More settings.
5. On the multi-factor authentication screen, select the user account to enable and click Enable on the right hand side.
Steps for Office 365 User to enable MFA: -
1. As an Office 365 user, I logged in to site where the following page was opened:-


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