How to get add-ins ready for Office 365

From a readiness perspective, when moving to a cloud or hybrid environment you need to look at existing customizations in light of the Add-in model:
• Can customizations be rewritten? Do they need to be, or can out of the box functionality in Office 365 replace them?
• Does your organization have the staff and expertise to create Add-ins?
• How are provider hosted apps to be provisioned and supported? Do you have the infrastructure and web servers needed?
• Are you prepared to support the level of remote interaction at the same performance baselines?
Office 365 add-ins can be used to create standalone applications accessible via Site Contents or the Application Launcher, embedded page components very similar to web parts, or administrative resources that deploy branding customizations, provision sites, assign permissions, and so on. The client object model, which offers various application programming interfaces via .NET, JavaScript and REST services, can be used to meet
a variety of requirements previously served by full-trust code on-premises. For more information on how to use the add-in model to customize and extend Office 365,



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