10 Best Low Maintenance Haircuts for Women Over 50

Textured Pixie:

A little product may make a textured pixie cut stylish.

Sleek Long Bob:

Straight, sleek long bobs are polished and manageable.

Asymmetric Bob:

Asymmetrical bobs are stylish and low-maintenance.

Messy Bob:

A untidy bob with a tousle is adorable and easygoing.

Tapered Pixie:

A tapered pixie cut is stylish and easy to style with product.

Layered Crop

A short crop with layered bangs is young and easy to maintain.

Sweet Bob

A beautiful, fuss-free bob falls just above the shoulders.

Long Bob

With little effort, a long bob with a side part is chic.

Sleek Pixie: 

A trendy pixie cut requires less upkeep.

Layered Lob: 

Long bobs with modest layers are versatile and low-maintenance.

10+ Youthful Haircuts for Women Over 50