3 Foods You Should Avoid Cooking in Air Fryer

Air fryers are multifunctional and can cook a variety of foods. However, certain meals taste strange or lose texture.

 Avoid airfrying these 3 meals. Read on to discover...

Air fryers struggle with wet battered foods like chicken and fish. Fan heat can blow away wet batter or make it lumpy. Pre-cooking the meal in the oven or stovetop before crisping it up in the air fryer is best for these dishes.

Battered snacks

Air-fried zucchini, tomatoes, and mushrooms release a lot of moisture. This can make the food soggy or steamed instead than crispy. Try roasting or grilling or using the air fryer at a lower temperature for less time to cook such vegetables.


Avoid placing uncooked dough or batter into the air fryer without a container. This can cause uneven cooking, mess, and safety hazards. Bake muffins or cakes in an oven or air fryer using a baking accessory.

Raw Dough or Batter

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