6 Weight Loss-Friendly 'Bad' Carbs

Carbs aren't all "bad," despite common opinion. Some can help weight loss. Remember, we're not talking about refined carbs like white bread, pastries, muffins, cookies, and breakfast cereals.

 Potatoes are the best poor carbs for weight reduction. "A medium-sized potato has 110 calories, no fat, and is delicious.

1. Potatoes

Corn carb is an excellent choice for weight loss, as it offers plenty of fiber and calls for you to actually slow down and chew it.

2. Corn

Bread can help you lose weight! The Nutrition Twins say "Not all bread is created equal." One slice of whole wheat bread has 110–120 calories and helps counter carb deficiency.

3. Bread

Underripe bananas are the key to weight loss, even if they're sugary.

4. Banana

Here come beets. No need to avoid this carb due to its high sugar concentration. Beets are "sweet little gems, are packed with nutrients

5. Beet

You may have heard that carrots' sugar content hinders weight loss. Drop that mindset today!"Carrots have no added sugar and combat sugar-induced inflammation, which makes weight loss harder and increases weight gain.

6. Carrot

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