Costco's Controversial Chili Just Returned & It's Causing Fierce Debate

Should chili have beans? That topic has long split aficionados of the hearty comfort food dish because the answer varies by region.

It should be no surprise that Costco buyers had a heated dispute over beans vs. no beans.

Costco sells seasonal beef chili with kidney and pinto beans. Last week, Laura Lamb (@costcohotfinds) informed Costco members on Instagram and TikTok that the chili had returned to her warehouse.

Lamb unintentionally started a debate by announcing the chili's return. Some members were upset that Costco's chili included beans because it goes against their regional tastes.

Texas chili should never contain beans, but Springfield-style "chili," made in Illinois, frequently does, Business Insider said.

This isn't the only Costco item causing controversy this year. Last month, Costco debuted new Carne Asada Bowl kits to their prepared food aisle.

Some customers loved it, while others thought it was underseasoned or too cilantro-y.

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