Drinking 2 Cups of Coffee a Day May Increase Your Risk of Death

Coffee has several health benefits and can get you moving in the morning. However, high blood pressure might make coffee harmful.

A new study indicated that drinking two or more cups daily can raise the chance of death for these people.

The Journal of the American Heart Association study included 18,570 Japanese participants aged 40–79, including 6,570 males and 12,000 

women. Each participant got health exams and filled questionnaires about their lifestyle, nutrition, and past health difficulties.

Following 19 years of follow-ups, 842 patients died from cardiovascular causes. Drinking two or more cups of coffee per day increased the risk of 

Routhenstein explains that "coffee can increase blood pressure up to three hours post-consumption in certain individuals.

"When blood pressure rises in severe hypertension, it can cause stroke, heart attack, or aortic aneurysm," Routhenstein says.

Although this study indicated that drinking one cup of coffee per day didn't have the same results, Routhenstein still advises against excessive coffee

Routhenstein encourages "all individuals, and especially those with uncontrolled, severe hypertension,

to monitor blood pressure in response to coffee consumption." "If one cup of coffee raises blood pressure, avoid it."

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