It Inhibits Cancer Growth- Drink After Eating

Pu-erh tea comes from Yunnan, southern China.

 Its spicy, peppery taste has friends and haters. Aroma is hard to miss

Most importantly, pu-erh (also called "red tea") improves our health. Drinking it after meals is worthwhile.

Why To Drink Pu-erh Tea?

1. Increases energy

Daily pu-erh tea consumption boosts energy and concentration due to caffeine. A cup of pu-erh tea has 60-70 mg of caffeine, 35 less than coffee. This makes pu-erh tea a good caffeine boost for those who get jittery from coffee.

2. Promotes Heart Health

Heart disease is prevented by lovastatin generation in pu-erh tea. High cholesterol is often treated with this natural statin.

3. It Purifies from Toxins and Free Radicals

Increasing oxygen levels in pu-erh tea enhances circulation and blood flow. It may reduce free radicals and headaches.

Pu-erh tea helped the spleen and stomach filter pollutants in traditional Chinese medicine.