McDonald's Just Announced Sauce in Dip Cups

Longtime Big Mac aficionados remember the jingle: "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, and a sesame seed bun." 

McDonald's is finally recognizing that "special sauce" by making it a stand-alone menu item. People love it almost as much as the sandwich.

McDonald's will offer Big Mac sauce dip cups at selected restaurants nationwide starting April 27 while supplies last.

Customers may get Big Mac sauce cups for free with Chicken McNuggets during this limited promotion. 

Big Mac sauce fans who think it should go on everything have even more wonderful news. Customers can order dip cups a la carte at McDonald's 

"From dipping fries and Hash Browns to making your favorite sandwiches extra saucy, the possibilities are endless," McDonald's announced.

Creamy, acidic, and sweet, the sauce is copied but never replicated. Many compare it to Thousand Island dressing.

Only the McDonald's app will sell the limited-edition dip cups. In a nostalgic touch, the tiny sauces will have blue and silver Big Mac wrappers.

In February, Canadian McDonald's outlets sold Big Mac sauce dip cups with redesigned packaging. McDonald's gave away 10,000 bottles

These dip cups are limited-time only, but aficionados of the sauce may expect additional sauce on their Big Macs in the future. By 2024, 

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