McDonalds' McRib Is Back Again!

McRib is back!

Friday, McDonald's confirmed to that the McRib, a sandwich it said would be discontinued permanently in 2022, will return to select locations in November 2023.

Snack-O-Later posted about it!

The always-informed Instagram account Snack-O-Later also posted confirmation of the sandwich's return.

It's taste!

Its toppings of onion and pickles make it a delicious mini-lunch or afternoon snack. However, its ephemeral nature, repeated farewells, and limited locations have diminished its appeal. 

Indeed, McDonald's loves to bring back the classics, which seem to be a success with fans whenever they make a limited return to menus.

Fans Reaction!

In the comments of Snack-O-Later's post, commenters made it clear that they do want McDonald's to offer one nostalgic classic: the Snack Wrap.

Snack Wraps!

The fast food chain discontinued the Snack Wraps in the United States in 2016 and has not returned to the topic since. 

Where to get snack wraps?

However, if you're desperate for one, you could always visit Canada or the United Kingdom, where they're still available, or Burger King, which began selling its own counterfeit wrap in August.


Or, give in and go get the McRib, this time without apprehension, because it is likely to return in 2024 as well.

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