McRib Taking Encore After 2022’s Farewell Tour

No surprise Here! The McDonald's rib is coming back.

On Wednesday, McDonald's announced that the famous Sichuan-style barbecue pork sandwich will be brought back this fall. That's it, folks.

However, fans may have to go on a bit of a mission to find the meal.

Where Can I Find a McRib?

McRibs won't be nationwide. McDonald’s merely stated, “Some lucky fans may find their favorite elusive saucy sandwich at their local McDonald’s restaurants this November.”

When did the McRib leave the McDonald’s menu?

Last November 20, McDonald's announced it would never bring back the McRib.

What Is in a McRib?

It is an odd creature—a boneless pork patty made in the style of an Asian rack of ribs, served on a long, toasted bun with onions, pickles, and plenty of McRib BBQ sauce.

McDonald’s has yet to announce the McRib’s official return date, how long it will be available, or which locations will participate. However, when we know, we’ll be trampling our own mother to get one.

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