Oreo Is Bringing Back Its Most Requested Flavor

Oreo has developed flavors inspired by ice cream, classic desserts, cocktails, and more. After many fans asked, Oreo is bringing back a colorful

A press release says Red Velvet Oreos, the cookie brand's "most requested flavor," will be available for a limited time on Sept. 12.

This treat has two red velvet "basecakes," a layer of cream cheese frosting-flavored creme, and a layer of the popular cake.

From February 2015 through 2020, Red Velvet Oreos were withdrawn to make place for new tastes and products. Since then, fans have 

demanded a return. Instagram users demanded a red velvet Oreo redux after an unrelated release in June. One wrote "BRING BACK THE RED VELVET OREOS!!!

The flavor's comeback was teased on Instagram on Sept. 1 with a video showing Oreo cookies on a bright red background with a checkerboard,

 martini, apple, and octopus. Teaser caption: "If you don't know, you'll know soon…"

Instagram fans suggested cherry, cherry pie, candy apple, Swedish Fish, and red velvet for the brand's latest flavor introduction in the comments. 

On Sept. 5, Oreo posted another red-themed media. These comments led some to correctly predict the return of red velvet sandwich cookies. 

Popular flavors like Red Velvet and others have returned to stores. Oreo returned its limited-edition pumpkin spice cookies with two golden basecakes

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