The Most Unique Myers-Briggs Personality Types


While the INFJ utilizes this capacity to benefit others, the ENFJ may use it to help themselves.

There is no question that their offer of assistance is sincere, but there may be a lot more scheming going on within their heads.


Extroverted thinking is the major cognitive function of the ENTJ, with introverted intuition serving as an auxiliary function.

This combination results in socialites with excellent networking abilities. They are not only good speakers, but they are also very perceptive and innovative.


The list begins with introverts who are also perceptive, pondering, and judging. INTJs account for 2.1 percent of the population in the United States.

However, as is common of introverts, they prefer to remain to themselves. Even when seated with close friends, they prefer to remain reserved, quiet, and sober.


INTPs are also among the most distinctive and uncommon Myers-Briggs types, accounting for around 3.3 percent of the population in the United States.

They have the capacity to think intuitively, but it is their ability to adjust and be flexible that distinguishes them. They, too, are inquisitive, yet they stay open to new ideas and viewpoints.


INFJs are tough to identify unless you're married to one or have an INFJ friend or family member, since they may blend in social circumstances like chameleons.

They may, for example, make themselves seem outgoing or gregarious at gatherings in order to 'fit in.' However, this energy will fade and they will revert to their genuine introverted selves.

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