Walmart Is Launching Grocery Delivery Drones In 6 States—And They Won't Break Your Eggs

Look up! A bird! What a plane! No, it's Walmart. America's largest grocery chain is using drones to deliver in six states.

The new high-tech, same-day delivery service launched in Dallas, Orlando, Phoenix, and Tampa yesterday. 

According to a news statement, the business plans to expand the program to Utah and Virginia, reaching over 4 million households in six states. 

Walmart tried the idea at three Northwest Arkansas stores near its headquarters.

Customers in these regions can choose from tens of thousands of goods—up to 10 pounds per flight for safety

 Supermarket News reports air drops of fragile commodities like eggs.

How will Walmart protect your eggs? Very cautiously. A Walmart drone slowly lowers a sealed delivery box

with a retractable cord and sets it down lightly on a customer's well-kept lawn in an online video.

The new delivery mechanism delivers orders in 30 minutes. Air shipping costs $3.99 per order.

Walmart launched the remote-piloted initiative last year after investing in Virginia Beach-based DroneUp, named to Fast Company's "Next Big Things In Tech."

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